Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Great BV Roller Coaster

If you are one of the thousands of lucky women to experience the roller-coaster of bacterial vaginosis you are not alone! If you are like me you have been to plenty of doctors who happily tell you "it's normal" hand you an RX for flagyl aka metronidazole and send you on your merry way. At first your hopeful and after the first few days of taking a nasty medication that leaves an even nastier taste in your mouth that you can try to rinse away with mouthwash so long as it doesn't contain so much as a drop of alcohol, you begin to notice those nasty uncomfortable feelings and that ungodly oder seems to be going away until.. Lord have mercy it's gone! You have been cured! You want to tell yourself it was like a bad dream. You feel like it is all behind you. Like your the smiling girl in those yeast infection commercials. Amen!  Then a couple of months later EVEN a couple of weeks later your holding on tightly while you prepare for this physical and emotional roller-coaster all over again.

We're women were suppose to be resilient but what do we have if we have the shame of this recurring disorder? I have been on this roller-coaster for over eight years. I have spent more money on doctors, specialist, nutritionist, personal trainers, cotton panties, probiotics etc! I have had to give up body wash bubble baths and so many of those girly things that seem so normal to the average women. I have a self proclaimed PHD from Google on this nasty subject. I have a husband, bless his heart who has also been treated with the antibiotics. He is the only other person who can confirm my worst fear...."your infection is back." If your like me you know that even if you really know your body your not 100% positive your infection is back until you are in the most intimate and vulnerable state, SEX. Yes SEX. Come on! 

I am so tired of the endless home remedies and opinions of those women who are lucky enough to suffer from this a time or two and feel they have it all figured out. Oh not to mention if you search enough there is a woman out there, a doctor no less who has the CURE! She has it and she is even willing to share this priceless secret of how to cure this nasty debilitating infection for only $59.95 ! Maybe she thinks this is a bargain? I think it's a slap in the face to prey on the vulnerability of women who are suffering, whose relationships and self esteems may be suffering. If you are the writer of that book please call me i have a few choice words for you. 

My story gets worse because I was pregnant from August to October and had a miscarriage. Not only did I have BV twice during that time I was convinced it had something to do with the loss of our baby. But thats a whole other blog for another day. 

If there is anyway I can help anyone out there then this all hasn't been for nothing. I am here to share my experiences and give any advice I can. After 8 years and countless doctors I feel  Optimistic maybe it's the calm before the storm. 

They say BV is the most common vaginal infection of women in their reproductive ages but I am the only women I know personally who has gone through this. I know that the drug stores have always been packed with an array of choices to help rid your yeast infection and only in the last couple of years have I seen the rephresh and the other OTC BV remedy that name escapes me at the moment. SO if this is SO common why the hell am I still suffering!!!

Today is February 5th. I had an appointment with a new doctor who is on my side ready to go into battle with me. She prescribed Tindamax for both myself and my husband. Yes I know what your thinking "does her husband have a vagina?" No. As far as I know he does not but this doctor isn't the first doctor to suggest he get treated as well. At this point if she suggested my dog take it I would say why the hell not! 

I'm on a mission ladies. I am going to post my progress and answer any questions you may have. If this medication doesn't work I wont stop until...well you get the idea. If your reading this and are shaking your head in agreement to any of it you know this is bullshit! Stay tuned & tell me your story! Respond to this blog or shoot me an email.